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What we do

Our purpose is to help our clients to achieve sustainable new levels of growth by thinking differently.

As a result of working with us, our clients can expect to consistently create mutually beneficial outcomes with their customers, employees and their communities – enabling them to be of the highest level of service to all their stakeholders.

Extraordinary Performance

We help you to improve your performance significantly.

The quality of our thinking determines the degree to which we succeed, and we teach how to think differently – very differently.

7th Sense

Our 7th Sense Program works with your critical teams over 12 months of training and workshops (four two and a half day sessions) developing whole brain thinking techniques leading to a substantial uplift in results.

Our clients can apply our proprietary social technology platform with its tools, techniques and app to solve business challenges or to maximise opportunities (for example; develop their leadership, improve sales, focus on employee growth, customer engagement or innovation).

We collaborate with our clients to grow their current expectations and results by 20%-40%.

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Jack Black

Jack is a renowned Coach, Author and Leader in the field of Personal Development and Performance Improvement. The success and long-term effectiveness of his approach is reflected in over half a million global participants on his programmes and the hundreds of companies who have engaged with him over the past 25 years. He has pioneered whole brain thinking in organisations while his ground-breaking tools and techniques have been applied at all levels and across all sectors to achieve extraordinary results.

His toolkit has evolved in response to the specific requirements of his global clients. He works with them to create and provide bespoke designs and adaptations that easily integrate into their current initiatives, systems and processes.

Jack is a world-class speaker and truly exceptional Executive Coach, a passionate charismatic, and inspirational teacher. He is committed to developing powerful tools and techniques for performance improvement while insuring they are simple to learn and apply daily for improving results in business and personal life.

Phil Holmes

For the last 25 years, Phil has led Strategy Development, Transformation and Performance Improvement programmes across sectors including Financial Services, Lottery & Gaming, Health Care and Personal Development.

In that time, Phil has pioneered the design of tools and techniques to evolve the consciousness of business, and has worked with leaders around the world to develop authentic leadership, improve personal growth and maximise employee fulfilment by aligning people to purpose and unlocking passion to maximise results.

Phil has spent the past 15 years designing, testing and perfecting an extraordinary social technology platform that now drives our unique Omni Pulse App. In the process, he has honed exceptional expertise at the sharp end of living and working authentically while building conscious businesses and leadership. He was inspired to develop fresh approaches and uncover highly effective solutions while working with leading Investment and Retail Banks and Lottery & Gaming companies around the world.

Together with Jack’s right brain emphasis Phil brings the balance of his exceptional left brain orientated intellect to an exciting and fresh approach to executive leadership and corporate growth.

Our unique approach, tools and techniques have been developed over the years working for and with companies around the world and across sectors including:

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